Massage to Enhance the Circulation of Blood in the Legs

There are many types of therapeutic massages. One of the most beneficial is undoubtedly the so-called circulatory massage, that is, one that is focused on activating blood and lymphatic irrigation, favoring cellular exchange, being especially recommended for our legs. We teach you what your benefits are and how to do it.

This type of massage is very suitable in those days when you feel swollen legs, and especially if you suffer from varicose veins. Through this therapeutic exercise on our skin and muscles we can mobilize body fluids, bringing nutrients to the cells, and on the other hand, circulating toxins reach the organs and nodes responsible for

Purpose of the circulatory massage in the legs

The circulatory massage in the legs will serve to activate the blood supply, reduce the retention of fluids and eliminate toxins. This improves the feeling of heaviness of the legs, as well as alleviate the incidence of varicose veins.

This massage also allows to improve the venous return of the body thanks to the ascending movements that we are going to perform, always towards the heart. All this prevents and reduces the appearance of edema and swelling.

The genetic factor has a lot of weight when it comes to the appearance of varicose veins, as well as the sedentary life, to remain many hours in the same position, an incorrect feeding … all this causes that the valves of our legs do not work as they should, It appears the sensation of pressure, of itching, the bumps and the pain. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but also health. We can suffer thrombi, circulation is difficult and is a risk that must be taken into account. Our circulatory massage will help you prevent it.

The blood that we manage to redistribute with the massage manages to raise the temperature of the tissues of our legs, thus improving our physical state.

This massage is very suitable if you suffer from swollen legs and feet. We managed to lighten the pressure, also relieve the ankle pain and promote circulation.

How to perform a massage on the legs to activate circulation

To perform the massage we will need olive oil and rosemary water. The first one that we will use is the olive oil, very suitable to favor the massage and to activate the circulation. Once finished, we will have prepared fresh rosemary water. Rosemary is a great anti-inflammatory and conducive to circulation. If you do not have it at home, you can prepare it to have it always at hand. Most of us don’t know that we can have same kind of massage on a massage chair, here are some best massage chairs: for your use and you can save lots of money using one. Just take six sprigs of rosemary and put them in a glass jar with a liter of water and half a glass of alcohol 90 degrees. Let macerate in a dark place for two weeks. Half an hour before the massage, insert the bottle in the refrigerator to keep it cool.

First step

You can do it yourself, but it is always recommended that the massage is done by someone else. You can for example be two friends to benefit from this circulatory massage so suitable for the legs. It is advisable to do it already in the afternoon, when you get home. The first thing we will do is lie down and leave the legs slightly elevated, as you see in the photograph.

Second step

We applied olive oil in our hands and started the massage by the ankles. Press and exert an upward movement towards the calf. Pressure should never cause pain, it is simply a matter of always making a few upward movements toward the heart. Thus we provide oxygen to the veins. Remember also that, in case there are varicose veins or a venous spider, we will never oppress it, we will act around it, never directly.

Third step

We must go in zones. From the ankle to the calf (3 minutes). From the calf to the thigh (3 minutes). Always up. It exerts a little pressure with the fingers, then opens the palm and drags on the skin and the muscles in ascending movements. Always maintain the correct hydration of the skin with olive oil.

Perform the same movements both up and down, ie on both sides of the legs. It is normal to devote about 25 minutes to the massage.

Fourth step

Once the massage is finished we will apply some small towels moistened with fresh rosemary water, for about 10 minutes. It will relieve and revive circulation. Toxins and fluid accumulation is drained by this simple and effective massage, recommended to perform two days a week. Do not forget to try it.

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Massage Guide for Babies Older Than Six Months

Massage Guide for Babies Older Than Six Months

At this stage your baby will be much more active, writhing, sitting, crawling and trying to stand up. Remember that it is normal for an active baby to move a lot, so you can be creative with the massages, working any part of the body. It’s also time to introduce more fun, such as songs, rhymes and games, into the massage routine. It adapts the movements of the massages to this more active stage of its development.

Massages help develop your self-esteem and your ability to relate to others, as well as encourage coordination and strengthen you when you start walking.


Rubbing your legs in the massage is a fun activity that helps the baby to become more aware of his own body. When you see that the child likes the movement, you can repeat it and sing a song. Sing slowly so the child can accompany you. Rub the leg with your hands, from thigh to ankle. If the baby’s legs are longer, adjust the movement and see from the knee to the ankle.


If the baby wants to remain seated, you can adapt the massage to this position. This posture helps you prepare to sit unassisted and strengthens your back muscles. It can also become a relaxing habit before going to bed.

Lower from the neck to the buttocks, first with one hand and then with the other. It is possible that the baby wants to play with a toy while giving the massage.

Soft Moves

Soft movements are a series of simple exercises that help your baby develop coordination, keep your spine straight, and improve your flexibility. You can learn more if you go to a massage class, but here’s an example.


Cross the arms of the baby on his chest three times, alternating the arm that is above. Then gently pull the arms out to the sides. The rhythm is as follows: cross-cross-cross-open. Repeat.

End the massage by giving your baby a kiss and a hug.

Thanks to the massages, you can know better how your baby communicates and give you ideas to take care of him during his first months of life. Together you will discover what is best for both of you. It’s important to keep in mind that massage is something you do with your baby and not something you do to your baby.

The movements that we have indicated to give the messages are based on CHILDHOOD MASSAGE: practical guide for the father and the mother, of Vimala McClure, founder of the International Association of the Infantile Massage.

This association is a non-profit organization and does not support any product.

Make The Most Of a Massage With These Tips

Make The Most Of a Massage With These Tips

After a year of working 40 hours (or more!) A week, summer is the perfect time to relax, unwind and unwind. Anyway, the body has memory and accumulates the fatigue, so it would not hurt to go to a specialist every now and then to treat muscle stiffness, since the stress, a number of hours you spend sitting and the routine can End up affecting your physical well-being.So, a practical solution and a safe bet are the massages. In fact, they are the way to de-stress the muscles, to relieve the pain you may have and to give back all their elasticity and ability to move. But this is like everything, if you plan to start getting massages (that you should), you have to mentalise yourself to do it properly. Keep in mind these tips that the Temple of Massage massage centre has compiled to get the most out of it and to prepare you for rest.

Make The Most Of a Massage With These Tips

  1. If you are going to start a continuous massage treatment, give rest to your muscles between sessions. This is like when you go to the gym, you should allow them time to recover properly. “Ideally there should be a period of 24/48 hours between massage and massage, because when you act on a part of the body, it takes a while to react; And normally it takes between one and two days to recover, “says Maribel Corp, one of its founders.
  2. After receiving a massage, do not resume the frantic activity suddenly, give your body a little peace of mind. “It is important that after receiving the massage do not wait for any activity that counteracts the newly received relaxation dose. You can go for walks or with friends, but do not even think about running back to work, make the purchase or even take care of the children “, remarks the expert.
  3. At the moment of approaching the specialist who will treat you, disconnect. You should not arrive the session of nervous massage, in a hurry and with the head already on the next task. And during the massage itself, it is vital that you do not contract your muscles or entertain your breathing. Even so, if you are in the hands of a good masseur, he will realise and ask you to relax, relax.
  1. Replenishing liquids after the massage. After a good massage, it is necessary to drink water, eat watery fruits or even isotonic drinks. Keep in mind that the massage itself serves to ‘break’ the contractures (that is, the ‘knots’ of fibres), but at the same time, deposits of accumulated toxins, such as lactic acid, Explains the specialist. This way, when drinking water, it facilitates the cleaning of these substances.
  1. Do not abandon. This is, once again, like the gym. If you go once, you will not progress. If you need to relax or even treat a pain focused on an area, it does not serve a session and that’s it. The ideal would be a massage a week to progress properly, although even with one every 15 days would suffice. A routine has to be established so that a favourable evolution can take place.

Benefits of massage

Okay, fine. But maybe now you’re wondering what benefits a massage can bring you because you might think you do not need it. Well, they are not few … Look:

Increase blood flow.

  • – They facilitate the venous return, which increases muscle recovery.
  • – They stimulate the lymphatic flow so that they can help eliminate lactic acid and other residues.
  • – Improve muscle nutrition, tone, elasticity and contractility.
  • – Stimulate the immune system.
  • – They remove dead skin cells, so they help to tone it.
  • – It reduces stress and produces a deep physical and mental relaxation.
  • – They secrete endorphins, that is, hormones of happiness. In this way, you will have pleasurable and satisfying sensations.
  • – They facilitate the venous return, which increases muscle recovery.
  • – They stimulate the lymphatic flow so that they can help eliminate lactic acid and other residues.
  • – Improve muscle nutrition, tone, elasticity and contractility.
  • – Stimulate the immune system.
  • – They remove dead skin cells, so they help to tone it.
  • – It reduces stress and produces a deep physical and mental relaxation.
  • – They secrete endorphins, that is, hormones of happiness. In this way, you will have pleasurable and satisfying sensations.